Non-Metal Playlist for Metal Fans Pt. 2

Here we go again! 

After scouring through interviews, conversations with friends, and diving deep into streaming algorithms, I have carefully curated another non-metal playlist for metal fans.

As I mentioned in the last playlist article, I theorized that metal fans are generally more open-minded than your typical, fair-weather “Top 40” listener. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, as music is music. More importantly, music is for everyone. While I’m not one to generalize with anything, for the sake of open discussion, bear with me. 

I’ve been a metal fan for over three decades now. To quote the great Jason Newsted, “I’ve found the fountain of youth in heavy metal”. I couldn’t agree more, as this music keeps me energized and wild at heart. At this point, it’s inextricably part of who I am. 

Guess I’m just too wild at heart…

For all my enduring love for metal, I know this music wasn’t created in a vacuum. It took years of evolution, pulling and infusing styles from every other genre to emerge into the multi-headed hydra we know today.

In all honesty, when I’m writing and recording metal for my own projects, I rarely listen to other metal. To me, this is a way of imbuing other textures of sound into the crushing heaviness, in order to create something fun and unique. 

Ok, enough rambling, on to the music!

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A fan of metal.

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